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  1. Where are you located?
The main office for TCC Center for Workforce Solutions is at 7000 College Drive, Suffolk, VA 23435. There is an office for Grants and Sponsored Programs on the Norfolk Campus and an office for Business and Corporate Solutions in Virginia Beach. Although courses may be taught on multiple campuses, there is not a Workforce office on each.
  1. How does the community learn about your programs
We use some traditional media advertising, websites, and social media. In all promotional activities, we drive people to our website for program specifics.  (
  1. How can TCC employees learn what is being offered through the Center for Workforce Solutions?
The best source is the Center’s website ( Our courses and programs change often to meet the needs and requests of our clients.
  1. ????????????????????????????How do I know if a Workforce program is right for me?
Workforce Solutions has a FastForward Career Coach who will discuss career plans with you. Please call 822-1753 or e-mail .
  1. Is funding available to take classes in Workforce Solutions?
    Yes, there are several sources of financial assistance available to Workforce students. Certain programs approved as FastForward courses receive state funding to reduce the cost to Virginia residents to 1/3 of the total cost. If you meet established criteria for financial need, you may qualify to pay only ten percent of that 1/3 of the cost for those FastForward programs. Details and the application are at Some employers pay for their employees to take  job-related training. Grants and Sponsored Programs meet the needs of many special populations and include funding for the courses. Call 757-822-1321 for additional information.
  2. Can students convert any of the training received through Workforce into credit for courses in the occupational/technical programs at TCC?
TCC has in place several means of applying for credit through standardized and local exams, training through non-collegiate institutions, and experiential learning. (See Page 9 of the 2017-2018 TCC Catalog, Additionally, TCC Center forWorkforce Solutions is pursuing means to cross-walk industry credentials with credit courses.
  1. How do you determine current Workforce training needs?
    Workforce Solutions has developed and maintains partnerships with all major industries in the Hampton Roads area in an effort to assure quality workforce programs that prepare and sustain a pipeline of well qualified workers to meet the needs of regional employers.
  2. How are prices for Workforce courses determined?
    Some are set by the state (FastForward programs). Others are determined by factors such as all costs to deliver the program and the number of people likely to enroll.
  1. How are instructors selected for Workforce courses?
    We generally look for instructors who have experience in the related industry. In some program areas, specific certifications or industry credentials are required.