1.  Where are you located?
The TCC Center for Workforce Solutions is at 7000 College Drive, Suffolk, VA 23435 on the site of the old Portsmouth Campus. Although courses are taught at each campus, there is not a workforce office on each.

2. Can students convert any of the training received through workforce into credit for courses in the occupational/technical programs at TCC?
At present, the only way to do this conversion is through a challenge exam for the credit course. We are looking at national best practices to determine other conversion strategies.

3. How can TCC employees learn what is being offered through the Center for Workforce Solutions?
The best source of information is the Center's website, www.tccworkforce.org. Our courses and programs are constantly changing to meet the needs and requests of our clients.  Noncredit courses are also listed in the College Schedule Booklet each semester, but that list will often be incomplete because of new programs being added.

4. How do you determine current workforce training needs?
We work closely with the Hampton Roads Workforce Investment Board that conducts an annual employer needs survey.  In addition, we have close working relationships with the Departments of Economic Development in each of the cities in our service region to stay abreast of new companies, company expansions and company downsizing.

5. Would it be possible for workforce solutions to work closely with a specific academic department to offer a seamless program of training workshops and college courses to the community?
Absolutely!  In fact, that is the perfect kind of partnership.  We can design noncredit courses as feeders to academic programs and can then meet continuing education requirements after the student completes their certificate or degree.

6. How does the community learn about your programs?
Where do you advertise your services?  We do some traditional media advertising, both on radio and in print.  We publish a bi-monthly electronic newsletter that you can sign up for by emailing WFDInfo@tcc.edu. In all of our promotional activities, we drive people to our website for program specifics.

7. Is funding available to take classes in workforce development?
Generally no.  Our classes are not eligible for traditional financial aid such as Pell Grants. However, there are private loan options available for classes whose tuition and  materials exceed $1,000. There are also specific programs to help specified populations, such as the OnRamp program for dislocated workers.  Many employers pay for their employees to take job-related programs.

8. How are prices for workforce courses determined?
We consider factors such as all costs to deliver the program, the required profit and the likely number of people to attend.

9. How are instructors selected for workforce courses?
We generally look for instructors who have hands-on experience in the workplace.  In some program areas, there are specific certifications or other credentials that are required.