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The courses displayed below are those that match the search criteria from the previous screen. By clicking on the 'I'm Interested' button for a course, you will be added to the Course Waiting List and will be notified when a class is offered next.
Glatt Kosher Cooking Class: A Taste of Asia  Category: Hospitality
Description: “A Taste of Asia” – experience the flavors and cooking techniques of the far east with recipes from China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand. Learn the artistic assemb...  (More)
Glatt Kosher Cooking Class: A Taste of Italy  Category: Hospitality
Description: Students will discover the rich diversity of Italian cuisine, from the sunny southern coast of Naples to the northern beauty of Florence, Tuscany, and Rome.&nbs...  (More)
Glatt Kosher Cooking Class: Cajun and Creole  Category: Hospitality
Description: Students will experience the flavors of New Orleans, where the culinary influences from Spanish, French and African settlers combined to create truly unique fla...  (More)
Glatt Kosher Cooking Class: Tapas Night  Category: Hospitality
Description: Students will prepare Spanish inspired small plates menu with flavors and techniques from the various regions of Spain including Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia,...  (More)
Kosher Cooking: Home Catering Like a Pro  Category: Hospitality
Description: Apply professional techniques to your home parties, whether for a holiday, family gathering, or professional cocktail party! Learn tricks of the trade from m...  (More)